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    I'm a business consultant with a seminary degree, hence my power user book buying on Logos. That books take a lot of room and Logos is limited on Android has been well stated. Here's my free business thinking as a Logos fanboy: Maybe Logos could post an explanation as to why this is difficult? With more than half of LinkedIn use on mobile now and with the 8 Galaxy phones having no large hard drive option, everything is 64G plus a card, it may be time to take mobile more seriously and move this idea from the review stage. samsung is brilliant, btw, unlike Apple that is gouging people with the X memory options. But now it means for the dominant phone in the android market, any app that can't use the SD card is significantly less valuable. So I'm sure your mobile folks know this and maybe there is a reason adjusting your app storage now that Android makes it harder is more difficult for your company to do compared to a big outfit like Amazon for Kindle and Audible.Saying you will review it years ago and giving no explanation for something that seems to be "the cost of entry" or "table stakes" for a book app on Android can communicate an unintentional bias for Iphones I'm betting you don't have. I love that you are translating Logos into other languages, I know part of what I pay for with your pricing model is your ministry. Please now translate it into Android. Unless there is a compelling technical reason, my take is that it's a competitive requirement now if you look at others in your category. If it's technically prohibitive for your company, tell your users. They will pout and get on with life.For what its worth.

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